Telemetry Coffee Roasters:

‘Telem’, as it’s often affectionately called, is a small coffee shop in downtown Cedarville, OH. It rests on the banks of Massie’s Creek Gorge atop the Cedarville Dolomite, and served as a fantastic place to drink coffee and relax while working on writing projects, doing homework, or eyeing through the pages of a good book. A couple of my friends and I used to meet every Saturday morning to enjoy just that (except for the homework part).

The first picture is a self-portrait showing one the best spots around––the window seat in the side room. Though, of course, it being my favorite spot to study is just an opinion. Yet, next to the coffee and left of my notebook is the most precious and important book in the world––and I’d argue that’s not up for debate. It’s the amazing Word of God given to us by God that we might know and love the him more than anything else. Indeed, that’s what those God-breathed verses herald.

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