Ryle’s Expository Thoughts––Matthew 14

J.C. Ryle, a faithful English theologian of the 1800s is rightfully well known for one of his hallmark works––Expository Thoughts on the Gospels. As his comments and insights on Matthew 14:22-36 had particular impact on my mind as I read them recently, the scripture, followed by Ryle's thoughts, are copied further below. But lest we… Continue reading Ryle’s Expository Thoughts––Matthew 14

God Honored

It's this time of year that the countryside writes in cursive. To be sure, the blocked, cold and all capped letters of winter carry their own grace in their clear, blunt communication, but it's late summer and fall that swings it's branches and flowers in loops and criss-crosses and its grass and gardens in all… Continue reading God Honored

Let the Heart Then Say ‘I Rely On God Alone’

In his work titled Temptation Resisted and Repulsed John Owen (1616-1683) heartily exhorts his reader on a host of varied occasions to fly to Christ in the midst of temptation. On a previous Sunday evening I was particularly encouraged by Owen in reading the following excerpt as it helped to shake me from the dangerous… Continue reading Let the Heart Then Say ‘I Rely On God Alone’

Self-Control Is the Greatest Virility

The book of Proverbs is replete with instructions and exhortations, many specifically to young men, so it is unsurprising that the book includes many a pointed word addressing a virtue so needed in men today––self-control. This fruit of the spirit is lifted high above success, reputation, physical strength, wealth, expertise etc. and gilded with the… Continue reading Self-Control Is the Greatest Virility